The bitch became a carebear

img_4456Pregnant at 18, it was a big deal to me, I thought my life was over, I was a heavy drinker, I didn’t so much cry because of the pregnancy but because I couldn’t drink or have fun anymore. Yes, I cried like a baby. I used to make fun of the girls in high school that purposely got pregnant once or twice in a row at such a young age. Before my children I was a complete B*^&% (the B Word) I was selfish, I was mean, I  was a  risk taker. But all that stuff is for another day. Looking back on the process of becoming who I am now was difficult.


Somewhat “LUCKY”

IMG_6839 To think I took advantage of school growing up. I regret it for the sake of my children but for the sake of my teenager years I don’t. But I truly believe that we should be taught at a young age that school isn’t free after you turn 18 unless your some genius or lucky, clearly I’m neither. Im pretty sure they let me know at some point but I was never in school so clearly I don’t remember. Now, your probably thinking this girl didn’t graduate high school but I sure did! 2012 with my class and I was never in school. One of my friends who goes by the name of “Eagle claws” went to school EVERYDAY didn’t graduate(btw I was always pressuring him to skip with me) ! So maybe I should consider myself a little lucky, and now I’m drowning in debt because I want to be nurse! I wish i was a genius….