How much blood?

img_4450I love my job! I’m actually at work as I type. I have encountered many people here and my job isn’t easy. I personally believe I should get paid more to do this since I’m dealing and handling all types of diseases STD’s, HIV, Hepatitis, and handling not only blood but piss and crap (sometimes crap). I have also learned not all pee is yellow it can come in many different colors like red, green or brown!! YES!! I SAID GREEN! The best part of my job is the patients; you love some and you hate some! I feel that the younger generation (NOT CHILDREN) are easier to work with than the older ones. The ones I love are the ones that come in all laid back, have juicy veins, the ones that feel NO PAIN, the ones that really don’t care what or how you do it as long as you take what is needed when needed which is very few by the way! Almost everyone is concerned about how much blood? or when can I go back to work? or if they are disabled because they lost 4 mLs of blood! LOL. You would think I’m joking but I had a patient once ask if he could take one of the vials home because he felt that I had taken too much blood, then again this patient was also those patients that want to get tested for every test in the world to make sure they are super healthy. So what he wanted to do with his blood only god knows… Maybe drink it back to remake more blood because I took too much? ( I’m only saying that because every time I got a small cut as a child I thought that if I sucked the blood until it stopped I would just be recycling and not losing anything) IDK all I know is that my job is fun and interesting. I once had a patient that told me he WAS (retired) in the CIA, and then I was scared because I had told him my name.  My skills get tested on a regular basis I never know what I’m going to get either good veins, bad veins, or no veins. Yes some people have illness that make their veins sort of diminish but that doesn’t mean they don’t have veins just means that they will probably be a “hard stick” that’s what we call the difficult veins. How many times has my patience been tested? MANY! how many times do I feel like patients ask inappropriate questions? All the time! Like how old are you? Can you speak english? Really can I speak english? after I said Good morning to you?!! Are your kids from the same father?. OH wait here’s a funny one ” can I use my arm after this?” that question didn’t really bother me but just made me laugh!! Back to ” are your kids from the same father?” First of all why does it matter? are you providing for them? are you the father? Like why people? I’m not perfect but really????? Like I said I love my job, I love the ups and the down.. you can consider the downs the times that I felt that I could just slap the s#$% out of some people. Other than that I have enjoyed working as a phlebotomist, and NO we don’t take your blood for fun it’s more of a paid hobby just kidding!!! So don’t hate your phlebotomist for doing their job. OH and another thing we are not vampires 🙂