The Beginning

Who am I? well I don’t have much of a nick name except for loca, fea, zae, and pinocchio, but I prefer Zola ( thats my name). I’m a full-time mommy, phlebotomist, student, and oh girlfriend ( to my boyfriend of course). ┬áBeing 24 and trying to grow up has been probably one of the most difficult things to do because at times I still think I’m 18. Then i have a rude wake up call ” Hello Zola your 24! get it together!!” I have been adulting for about 6 years now probably since my mother told me I couldn’t live with her anymore. Having my son at 18 made growing up go by even faster! I love my children and having them and trying to be like all the other mommies made me want to go to school make the best of any situation but also putting me in the center for judgment by my family and of course society. Why? because Im 24 with two children, no degree, no husband just my boyfriend ( fyi he is the father of both of my children) I always get asked that. I try not to get offended but then again I have the right to RIGHT?! Thats all for now folks! ┬ácheck back for my next blog as I get off topic often!


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